Women takes food truck journey to better health

Some say the secret to whole wellness starts with whole foods, not the grocery store, but unprocessed foods. One Monroe woman used that path to take her from a debilitating disease to becoming a vegan food truck chef. Chef and wellness coach Jacquelyn Jones joined us on Monday to tell us about her journey and food truck. 

Jones had been living with chronic pain for 20 years, mainly in her back. The doctors told her that her only option would be chemotherapy. However, she decided she was going to try a plant-based alternative and 30 days later, she was completely pain-free, all of her symptoms were reversed and she was taken off all of her medications. 

Jones showed us how to make her chia seed pudding. "Chia seeds are great to lower inflammation, they have all of your omegas in it, great for brain power, boost the immune system, it's a superfood," said Jones. 

To make the chia seed pudding, she started with a base is canned coconut milk, then added maple syrup, chia seeds, vanilla, a dash of cardamom, whisked it together and then mashed raspberries with a fork and added the pudding mixture on top of the raspberries.

Jones has also created a 10-day program designed to lower inflammation and ease you into a plant-based lifestyle. 

You can catch Jones at her upcoming pop-up event at Amaya's Mexican Grill in Monroe on July 14.