Expert solutions for scars

This article is sponsored by Executive Plastic and Hand Surgery Center.

Unsightly scars can make people self-conscious and affect their confidence, but there are solutions. We were joined by our friend, Dr. Shaher Khan, who is a board-certified plastic surgeon and a leading expert when it comes to scars at Executive Plastic and Hand Surgery Center. Also with us was Juanita Weston, who is a patient helped by Kahn.

Weston suffered an injury in a car accident and the injury left a scar on her face that got worse over time. Now, after going to Dr. Kahn, the scar has practically disappeared from her face. 

Kahn set up a plan for her that involved radiation and scar revision. 

"Dr. Kahn gave me my self-confidence back and self-worth back," said Weston. 

Kahn also gave us expert advice for scars. First, he says do not to use peroxide. "It has been shown that it cleans the wound, but in reality it harms the wound rather than help it," said Kahn.

His second piece of advice is to use Cica Care; they are silicon sheets that are applied directly on the scar to protect the skin and scar itself. They also help the scar settle over time. 

Kahn pointed out that it usually takes a scar a year to ultimately settle. 

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