Get your taco on at the Taco Showdown at Eastern Market this weekend

Margarita Mix-off will also be held

We all love Margarita Monday and Taco Tuesday, well this weekend both of these popular eats will be under one marvelous roof. The Taco Showdown is coming this Sunday to Eastern Market where there will dozens of restaurants highlighting their tacos, and a margarita mix-off. Scott Rutterbush joined Tati Amare and Kim Degiulio to discuss the event and show some of the foods that will be available.

Rutterbush said there are 16 different restaurants that will be competing for best tacos and 5 restaurants competing for best margarita. There will be everything from steak or chicken tacos, sandwiches and flautas (rolled up tacos). There will also be guacamole, salsas and other classic dishes. Some of the restaurants that will be participating include Peso, Bakersfield, and Las Tortunga Taqueria. 

Along with food, there will be a photo booth, luchadore wrestlers and traditional folk dancers and musicians to help make the experience even better.

The event will be held in Shed 5 at Eastern Market on Sunday, July 21 from 2p.m. to 5 p.m. Tickets are available on their website.