Amazon purchases can be used to help pets in need

This article is sponsored by the Mike Morse Law Firm.

While you're shopping for deals on Amazon, you can help out pets in need. Anna Chrisman, from the Michigan Humane Society, was back with us Tuesday to explain more about that. 

Chrisman said that you can support the Michigan Humane Society anytime by utilizing Amazon Smile for your shopping. Instead of logging onto amazon.com on your browser, log on to smile.amazon.com and designate Michigan Humane as your charity. A percentage of the purchases will be donated to support their programs. In 2018, supporters using Amazon Smile resulted in over $5,000 being donated to the Michigan Humane Society. 

She also brought with her an adorable kitten that needs a home. Our friend Mike Morse and the Mike Morse law firm will pay the standard adoption fees for whoever adopts Tuesday's pet. 

The kitten's name is Lazeez, and she is a female orange tabby. Laeez is uncommon because generally, only 25% of orange tabbies are female. 

"She is a very special girl and ridiculously awesome," said Chrisman. "She is crazily snuggly, loves to be pet and loves to cuddle." 

You might remember last week's pet of the week, Marley the bunny who also likes to snuggle. He found his forever home, and the Mike Morse law firm paid his standard adoption fees. 

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