Making sure your home can breathe, can better your health

This article is sponsored by 3G Home Exteriors.

These hot steamy days can be challenging between ozone action days and being cooped up in unventilated air-conditioned homes. It can be difficult to breathe, and you may not even realize it, but your house needs to breathe as well. Our friends at 3G Home Exteriors have just the solution, and it starts from the top. Roofing division manager Dustin Bour joined us Wednesday to tell us what we can do to our roof. 

Bour says that your home needs to breathe to have good inside air quality. For your house to breathe, the air in your attic needs to escape properly.

When your house can breathe properly, it helps with your overall health. "When the air is stagnant in your attic, it is almost like going into a cottage that is closed up for a while," said Bour. "There is no airflow, and without the airflow, you do not have the proper ventilation."

3G Home Exteriors can help make your house has good ventilation through its baffle system, which pushes the attic insulation down to create a cavity for the air to travel through. Then the air will escape out of the attic by ventilating through a rooftop ridge vent, which they cut out.

If you aren't sure if you have proper air ventilation, you can call 3G Home Exteriors. The company also provides more than ventilation. It does roofing, seamless gutters, siding and windows. To learn more and to schedule an estimate, go to its website, michigan.3ghomeexteriors.com, or call (586) 533-8343.