Taking Off: Why your next destination should be San Antonio!

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Ever think about taking off to someplace new? We've got a magical place the entire family will enjoy. San Antonio, Texas is famous for its river walk which is lined with restaurants, shops, and hotels. You can take a boat ride and sail along the river enjoying the ride and the view, but there is a lot more you can see and do in the city. 

For one, the San Antonio River Walk is much longer than you might expect, coming in at 15 miles long. There is the stretch that everyone thinks of that runs through the heart of the city, but to the south, it connects to an area, that is more of an eco-restoration area, where you can go biking and kayaking . That then connects to 4 Spanish colonial missions, which are a Unesco World Heritage Site. 

These Missions are Spanish churches that were built more than 300 years ago. They are still active Catholic parishes today. On the weekends you can actually go to a mariachi mass. You can take a tour of these churches with the National Park Service who runs it.

To the north of the city, you can hike or bike your way to the Museum Reach area where you can visit the San Antonio Museum of Art and the pearl district which is filled with chef-driven restaurants. 

For the thrill-seekers, and those looking for some family fun, the San Antonio area is also home to two major amusement parks - 6 Flag Fiesta Texas, Sea World San Antonio. They also have Morgan's Wonderland which was designed for all ages and abilities. So if you have someone with a cognitive disability or someone who is physically disabled, this is a fun, safe place for them to play. 

In terms of food, the San Antonio food scene is happening. There is the aforementioned Pearl district that has 15 chef-driven restaurants and is also the home of the Culinary Institute of America where you can take a cooking class. The area is known for their Tex Mex food, but they are expanding their offerings into what they like to call Tex-Next.

There are also several museums in the area, including a hands-on museum for kids, called the Doseum. All the exhibits are designed for kids to touch and play, where they can be loud and have fun. The Witte Museum is home to cool dinosaur bones as well as other natural history exhibits.  There is also the San Antonio Zoo. 

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