Ask a Vet how to keep your pets safe in the heat

This article is sponsored by Michigan Humane Society

We are all for pets at Live In The D and we invited our friends from the Michigan Humane Society to  the show and answer our viewer questions about their pets. We welcomed back, Dr. Kelley Meyers, a veterinarian with the Michigan Humane Society. The first question one of our viewers had was: Should she take her pet for a walk in the heat or take a break until it cools off a bit? Meyers said, "Absolutely. We worry about temperatures above 70. As we approach that 80 degrees, it's really dangerous. Pets can get heat stroke, they can get dehydration and they can actually get sunburn as well."

Meyers also revealed a trick to test if the temperature is safe to bring your pet outside. "If you touch the back of your hand to the pavement and you can't hold it there for 5 seconds that's too hot to take your pets out on the pavement," said Meyers. 

The second question was: Is it OK to get his Pomeranian's coat cut once a year or leave his fur the same all year?" Meyers said, "Pets actually uses their fur to help them cool so no need to really shave them." However, "With Pomeranians, they have an undercoat and then a nice, smooth outer coat  so if you're not brushing on a regular basis they can get matted pretty easily." 

The last question was: Is it normal for a 1-year-old cat to not pee in their litter box? Meyers responded by saying, "It is not normal but this is the most common question we get with cats. It's really important that the kitty goes to a veterinarian. If there's no medical issues then we need to look at behavior issues." 

The Michigan Humane Society has veterinary care services at their locations in Westland, Rochester Hills and Detroit. To make an appointment, and to learn about all other programs they offer, visit their website michiganhumane.org