What does your favorite junk food say about your personality?

Take the Junk food quiz on the Live In the D Facebook page

If you love candy, cookies, or chips this quiz is for you! Sunday, June 21st is National Junk Food Day but the Live In The D crew decided to celebrate early. 

Host Tati Amare put co-host Kim Dejulio to the test! Kim had to guess which personalties go with each type of junk food. 

Kim guessed that noble people enjoy popcorn, people who love potato chips are versatile, ice cream is for the super sweet people. trustworthy people like donuts, compassionate people love cheese puffs and youthful people like Oreos. 

Out of all of Kim's guess, she only matched the Oreos correctly. If your favorite junk food is Oreos, it means that you are youthful!

You can find out what your favorite junk food says about your personality by taking the quiz on our Facebook page. 


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