Can you really unplug?

Can you really disconnect and take a break from it all? That is what we talked about on Monday in "What's the Buzz." Mimi Brown, the author, and motivational speaker, Blaine Fowler, the host of the Blaine Fowler Morning Show on 96.3 WDVD and Marlin Willams, a technology strategist joined us in the studio to give us their take. 

The first question discussed, do you think it is possible to unplug from your smartphone or internet? 

Brown said that it is possible to unplug if you are intentional about it. She believes that you need to be thoughtful and let people know if you decide to unplug. Williams said that she recently went to the spa and didn't have her phone for eight hours. "It was the best eight hours of my life," she said.

Everyone agreed that because we are on our phone so often that we are missing out on special life moments. For example, instead of enjoying a concert, we are too busy trying to record the show on our phones. 

The group also discussed whether or not you can really unplug on vacation? Brown said they have a no-phone zone and the people she is with on vacation all agree to stack their phones and the first person to look at their phone has to pay for dinner. 

The last question asked was, "what do you do when you do unplug?" Williams said, sleep or nap. Fowler says that when he unplugs he puts his phone in the designated phone area in his house and then sits with his wife and then they can actually have a conversation with no distractions. 

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