This is why CJ Barrymore's is the place to go this summer!

This article is sponsored by CJ Barrymore's. 

We are in the height of summer and there is still one more month that the kids are out of school, so you may be looking for something to do with the whole family. Well, there is an amusement park that is right in our backyard full of exciting rides and fun games, and they've recently added even more rides! We're talking about CJ Barrymore's. 

"It's an opportunity for families to come out and see us and make memories. We have a ton of rides that you can do as a family," said David Dal Pizzol, the General Manager at CJ Barrymore's. 

CJ Barrymore's is 25 acres packed with family fun activities from the arcade, to go-karts, to amusement park rides, however, it actually got its start in 1974 as a driving range. In the 90s they started switching over to family entertainment and they have been expanding their offerings ever since. This year, they've added 4 new rides to the park: a Drop Tower, the Saddle Swing, a Ferris Wheel, and the Spinning Coaster.

The Drop Tower and Saddle Swing are great for the thrill-seekers in the family. The Drop Tower seats 4 people and slowly raises them up so they have a beautiful view of the park, all while some creepy music plays. Then, unexpectedly, you drop suddenly back down to the ground. The saddle swing is somewhat similar. Two people are strapped back to back and are launched into the air, sometimes flipping completely over on their way down.

The Ferris Wheel is a great ride the whole family can enjoy that offers some beautiful views. As you slowly go up and down you may even be able to catch a glimpse of the Renassaince Center in downtown Detroit on a clear day. For the kids first coaster, the Spinning Coaster is a great option. Built to be for ages 6 and up, the small coaster follows a figure-8 track spinning as it goes along.

If you want to try out all these new rides, and all the other fun activities they have at CJ Barrymore's, you may want to consider getting a wristband. For $42 you can ride any ride at the park as many times as you want except for the arcade games or the batting cages. With the rides averaging $7-$8 a ride, this is a great deal if you want to make an afternoon of it. 

CJ Barrymore's is located at 21750 Hall Rd, Clinton Twp, MI 48038. For more information and to book your trip there, visit their website at cjbarrymores.com.


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