All you need to know about fashion's micro-season

It's the height of summer and you probably aren't thinking about fall fashion quite yet, but retailers are. Local 4 style editor Jon Jordan joined us in the studio Thursday to enlighten us about fashion micro-seaons and their impact on what you see when shopping in the stores and online. 

"Fashion seasons used to be just fall collections and spring collections," said Jordan. "Now those categories have been turned into micro-seasons like late summer, pre-fall, limited editions, runway collections and capsule collections."

Jordan said that the merchandise is so limited it will quickly be gone from the stores. He brought with him some of the items from Sommerset Collection that you can expect to see in this fashion micro-season. 

He brought in capsule collection watches from Shinola that come with interchangeable straps. He also brought handmade limited edition eyewear from Optica. Jordan said that the glasses are handcrafted and take four months to create. "If you wear glasses, it is a worthwhile investment because you wear them every day," said Jordan. 

He also brought with him exclusive purses from Coach. "They were originally designed for the Asian market only, but they proved so popular they decided to give a few to the Sommerset Coach store."

Even makeup has micro-seasons. Jordan brought with him the Bounce and Blur collection from Bare Minerals Makeup, which launches Thursday. Jordan said that the makeup is supposed to look like a filter on your face. "It is very soft and flattering," he said. "The makeup will only be available for a few weeks."

Jordan said the key to getting the most out of micro-season shopping is to act fast because items are sold quickly.