Is it too early to start planning for kids to go back to school?

Should you wait to buy fall clothes, holiday decorations?

Summer is here but is it too soon to start thinking about fall and the upcoming holiday season? That was the topic on Monday's "What's the Buzz" where singer Tasha Lord and local teacher, actor and comedian Mark Sobolewski joined Jason Carr to give their opinions on the topic.

The first question was is it too soon to be thinking about getting the kids ready to back to school?

Sobolewski said, although he is a teacher, he is a true believer in not worrying about going back to school right now. He said mastering the art of "chill mode" is important to not just the kids but the parents as well. Lord said she thinks it's ok to start preparing for back to school, the deals are too good to pass up.

Next, Jason asked the panel if it's too soon to have summer stuff on sale in order to switch over to the fall lines. 

Both Sobolewski and Lord agreed it is too early to think about fall clothes. They said we waited so long for winter and cold weather to end, let's enjoy it and wear tank tops and shorts. When it comes to holiday decorations and candy, everyone agreed it is entirely too soon to even think about pumpkins and Christmas trees. 

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