We have you covered for National Chicken Wing Day

Monday is National Chicken Wing Day, and to celebrate, we thought it would be great to take some everyday pantry items and use them to make delectable wings at home. The average American will eat 8,000 wings in their lifetime. Dominique Black, the owner of Plated, who also works with chef Max Hardy, joined us Monday to give us tasty wing sauce ideas. 

The first sauce Black made started with a base of sriracha sauce, then, she added a pinch of salt and pickled carrot juice. Black says the pickled carrot juice helps balance out the sriracha because sriracha is on the spicy side. "The pickled carrot juice adds a little bit of sweet," she said.

The other sauce she made started with a base of honey. Then she added a little bit of soy sauce, garlic, cilantro and lime zest. "The soy and the honey ties in all together because you have the spicy and sweet going on," said Black. 

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