Here's how to create a healthier home

This article is sponsored by Michigan Air Duct Cleaning

If you feel like you are continually dusting around the house, or perhaps suffering from allergies more than usual, our friends at Michigan Air Duct Cleaning may have just the solution. Justin Pate, the owner of Michigan Air Duct Cleaning, says getting your air ducts cleaned will help a lot.

Pate said most of the debris buildup is in your cold air returns. He also said that not only will cleaning your air ducts help with dust and allergies, but it will also make your furnace and air conditioner work more smoothly.  

Michigan Air Duct Cleaning is one of the only companies in Michigan that seals your front door when cleaning your air ducts, so all of the outdoor elements stay outside such as bugs and the cool air stays inside. 

To learn more about all the services they offer and to schedule your appointment, visit their website: michiganairductcleaning.net.