Taking Off: What's the Buzz: Where would you like to take off to?

Travel secrets and favorite destinations, the panel shares their choices

August is a big month for vacations, so traveling was the topic for What's the Buzz this week. Blaine Fowler of The Blaine Fowler Show on 96.3 WDVD and AJ Williams, the City Lifestyle editor for The Michigan Chronicle and the main lady behind singleblackchick.com joined Tati Amare and Jason Carr for the discussion.

The first topic was about where you'd travel to 4-ish hours from Detroit, either flying or driving. AJ said she would go back to Las Vegas because it's just under 4 hours to get to and it is a blast to visit. Blaine said he would go to Saugatuck, a town on the west side of the state. It's a short drive, and the beaches give you a great view of an amazing sunset. Jason would go to Au Gres in the northern lower peninsula or to his parents-in-laws home on a lake about 45 minutes away.

When asked what the motivation of your trip is, either beach or explore, Blaine and AJ said they like to chill on the beach and relax. AJ likes to throw in a little time to 'Turn Up' at the club or bar before heading back to the beach. Tati said she prefers to walk around and explore, especially if she's never been there before.

The final question to the panel was what the one thing is that you have to bring with you on a trip, besides a toothbrush or passport. Blaine brings at least 2 books with him on each trip, while AJ brings extra luggage for shopping.