We have the prime spot for National Oyster Day

Some people love' em, and some people are wary of them. We dove into the mysterious world of oysters on Monday because it is National Oyster Day. Chef Chris Mayer from Ocean Prime in Troy taught us a thing or two about oysters. 

Did you know that there are over a hundred different kinds of oysters? "You can find oysters pretty much all over the world in cold and warm water," said Mayer.

At Ocean Prime, they always serve two different kinds of cold water oysters, one from the East Coast and one from the West Coast. The East Coast have a smooth shell and are known as a "beginner oyster." The West Coast oysters have a rigid shell and are known to be saltier. 

Mayer taught Tati Amare how to shuck an oyster. First, you find the notch on the back of the oyster. Second, you take a knife and nudge it into the notch. Third, wrap the oyster in a towel. Fourth, press your knife into the oyster until you get the blade into the oyster itself and then it should just pop open. 

After the oysters were shucked, Mayer put them on ice and topped them with a grape mignonette that had a tart and tangy flavor. 

Ocean Prime Troy is located at Coolidge Hwy and Big Beaver.