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Ask a Vet from the Michigan Humane Society

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Michigan Humane Society Veterinarian Dr.Kelley Meyers joined host, Jason Carr to answer questions from Live In The D viewers about their pets. 

Q: If a pup isn't neutered at 6 months would his personality change?

A: "We recommend that dogs and cats get neutered by 5 to 6 months of age. When you neuter your pet the hormones in the body change a little bit but their personality won't really change. If they leave them not neutered that hormone stays in their system. so if they're a boy they may be more aggressive than if they were neutered. Marking is more prominent in non-neuteured animals."

Q; What's the appropriate age to neuter a cat?

A: "5 to 6 months of age. Some are neutered at a younger age because of overpopulation. The younger the better."

Q: What makes Sparkle, the dog, start panting hard even though she is in the house doing nothing?

A: "A dog will pant when they are overheated. If they are doing it too much there could be an underlying problem. Heart failure is the biggest thing we worry about. We recommend you take your pet to the vet as soon as possible." 

Q: Once a small dog gets to a certain age and is healthy in every way, what can be done about rotting teeth?

A: "Yorkies and small dogs are prone to dental disease so it's important to have their teeth cleaned. The infection that's in the mouth can cause problems with the heart and liver. The dog does have to go under anesthesia to get their teeth cleaned." 

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