Puppies are training to be helpful heroes

Elite Detection K9 is training puppies to help the community

Elite Detection K9 puppies are working harder to be heroes, but they need your help. Host Jason Carr was joined in studio by Greg Guidice, the president and CEO of Elite Detection K9, and Sam McCormick, a breeding specialist, to learn how people can help these pups.

Elite Detection K9 was created to specifically breed, raise and train scent-detection dogs. They are trained to find bombs and guns while working with law enforcement agencies.

You can help by becoming a host home for one of the EDK9 Moms. A family would host the mom and her puppies for about 2 to 3 years. If you become a host home, you have contact with Sam who helps guide you through the process. After the Mom has the litter, the family is given the option to adopt the mother. The host family is provided with veterinary care, a breeding manual, and a collar and leash.

Two dogs who are part of the program, "Honey" and "Camo", also joined Jason in studio.

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