4 ways to keep your kids active now that school is starting!

School starts next week and when the kids come home from a long day at school, many will want to plop down on the couch with a snack and immerse themselves in screen time. That can be the start of a really bad habit. So what can you do? Health and Fitness expert, Jody Treirweiler has some fun ways to keep your kids moving.

 1) Have kids earn their screen time.

Jody recommends that you have your kids earn their coveted screen time by doing physical activity first. The key is to have them do stuff that makes them stand, not sit.  She encourages you to count active video games, like the Wii, as physical activity.  

2) Make it fun!

Kids, typically, do not like the idea of exercising, so Jody suggests sneaking in the exercise by coming up with something fun to do. If you can get the friends involved, your kids will be more likely to do it too.  

3) Leave fun physical toys lying around the house.

Jody says this is one of her best tricks. She will leave out fun toys that will keep kids active and let them "come across" and play with them on their own. Some examples include leaving foam swords in her living room for the kids to play with or having a mini-trampoline sitting where the family hangs out. It encourages the kids to play, and get some physical activity, without it seeming like a chore. 

4) Make it a challenge.

Young kids especially like to show you how good they are at something, so challenge them! Say something like,  "I want to see if you can jump on one leg for a minute,"  or "How fast do you think you can run around the outside of the house?" Make it a challenge or a race to pique their interest.  

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