Learning beyond the books: Values and confidence taught at Westfield Academy

Students and teachers vow to be held accountable in the classrooms

This segment was sponsored by Westfield Academy.

When it comes to schools, you often hear about STEAM programs like reading, writing and arithmetic, the crucial pillars of education. Another important lesson at school is learning about values in the classroom, and our friends at Westfield Academy have a creative approach.  Ira Kleiman, the Founding Principal with Westfield Charter Academy, and Aquan Grant, the founding principal of Westfield Preparatory High School, joined host Tati Amare to discuss their methods. 

The new free charter schools will open this fall, beginning with grades K -9. More grades will be added every year in the future. Classes begin Tuesday, September 3, and families are strongly encouraged to apply.

One way the school stands out from the rest, is the moral-focused curriculum which is created by the faculty. Students learn about moral factors, their meaning and the importance of practicing them. The first moral being taught is wisdom. 

The students will also sign a social contract, which is an agreement between the teachers and students that state the guidelines, values and consequences that will be implemented in the classrooms. It is signed and posted in the room so everyone can be held accountable. 

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