This is Jason Carr's answer to the sold out chicken sandwich craziness

Jason Carr joins the battle of the chicken sandwiches with his own recipe

In the midst of the craze for chicken sandwiches, Jason Carr has created his own recipe! He cooked some up on the show and shared exactly what you can do at home. Here are the details:



Crisco shortening in a FryDaddy

Use frozen (or freshly breaded) chicken breast/patty of choice


Frank’s *Buffalo* Red Hot sauce

Slap Ya Mama HOT seasoning (red container)

Accent season salt (MSG)

Oh Snap! Hottie Bites pickles (or your hot pickle of choice)

Roma tomatoes

Iceberg lettuce

Sharp Cheddar cheese

Oscar Mayer cooked bacon strips

Sesame seed bun large


Cooking Directions:

Put breast/patty into the deep fryer

Whip mayo with hot sauce and seasonings to desired flavor and heat

Toast the bun, then spread spicy mayo over bottom bun

Remove breast/patty when finished and place on bun

Sprinkle cheddar over open face and add bacon strips

Microwave until cheese melts

Add spicy pickles, roma tomato slices and lettuce


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