This cider mill in Rochester is a favorite for Fall fun

Yates Cider Mill in Rochester is a a fun, family destination

This article is sponsored by Yates Cider Mill.

There was no short supply of fall treats today on Live in the D. Mike and Kate Titus from Yates Cider Mill brought cider, donuts, pies and more for Jason Carr and Tati Amare to sample.

This husband and wife team brings Southeast Michigan great cider and donuts. Yates Cider Mill blends a variety of apples to create their ciders so the taste will change throughout the season. 

Yates Cider Mill is a family destination where families can enjoy fall goodies together, as well as treats from the fudge shop. You can also take a stroll along the river to take in the beautiful scenery. When visiting the cider mill you can purchase pies, turnovers, apple butter, jam, jelly, and even barbeque sauce as gifts or to stock your cabinet for the winter.

Yates Cider Mill is located in Rochester, and they have a new location opening in Lake Orion. 

To learn more about Yates Cider Mill please visit yatescidermill.com


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