J Lo stars in the new movie "Hustlers" out this weekend

New movies in theaters and on Netflix this weekend

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Greg Russell joined host, Jason Carr in the studio to tell us how he rated the newest movies on Reel Talk. 


This is a fun movie for adult guy friends and girlfriends. The movie "Hustlers" takes you into the world of strippers. These hustlers are exotic dancers that may also take your wallet from your pocket. Jennifer Lopez stars in this movie along with Constance Wu. Greg Russell gave the movie four out of five reels! "Hustlers" is rated R.

Tall Girl

There's more to see on Netflix. The movie "Tall Girl" is fun for teens and those young at heart who understand what it means to be the odd person out. The "Tall Girl" has her life changed when a 6'2" foreign exchange student comes to school. Greg gave this two out of five reels and called it a "predictable, but enjoyable watch." "Tall Girl" is rated PG.

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