Here's how to get that stylish bathroom in just one day

Bath Fitter has custom patterns and fixtures for your bathroom

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Jason found a shower in the studio and couldn't help but jump in. Jamay Edwards from Bath Fitter told viewers how the company can give you the bathroom of your dreams in one day. 

Bath Fitter can update your bathroom by converting your tub to a shower, go over your existing tub with a new tub or change out your fixtures. The process starts with viewing the Bath Fitter showroom in Livonia or making a phone call to request a design consultant to measure your bathroom and discuss options. 

You can also go online and create a mockup of your future bathroom. You can choose from numerous colors for the walls, various fixtures, different tub styles and more. And good news: There's no grout involved. The showers and tubs are also mold and mildew resistant. 

You can start your journey to the bathroom of your dreams by visiting bathfitter.com or

calling (734)437-7426 

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