Change up your cheese game for National Cheeseburger Day!

We grilled a cheeseburger expert on the best ways to make your burger Gouda!

Today is National Cheeseburger Day so we are going to talk about switching things up with one of the main ingredients - the cheese! The type of cheese you use can really change up your burger. Chef Pete Loren, the Director of Culinary Development at Nino Salvaggio's Marketplace, has some suggestions to up your cheese game. Here are some cheeses to try:

1) Smoked Gouda - This cheese will bring out the smokey flavor of that burger you're grilling up. It will also melt well and give you all those ooey-gooey vibes you want from a good cheeseburger. If you like cheddar or American and want to switch things up, this could be a good option for you. 

2)  Roquefort cheese - This is a molded cheese that has a bit more of a sting to it with its acidity. If you are a fan of blue cheese on your burger, this might be a good one for you to try. 

3) Colby Jack - This cheese will give you a  great cheese pull, so if you like a stringy cheese this one is for you. 

4) Chevre - This is a goat's milk cheese and is already soft and has an acidic taste.  If you like goat's cheese on other things, try slapping some on your burger for a different taste.

Another important thing to consider when making a burger is the bun. Jason Carr personally recommends the light and fluffy buns that you get from Shake Shack, which he ordered online. Chef Pete recommended his favorite to use,  a rich, eggy brioche bun, but says the key, no matter what bun you are using, is to toast it. 

So how do you like to make your cheeseburger? Let us know in the comments below. 

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