This self-taught singer is her own one woman show

Karley Davidson shows how she makes music all on her own

By using a machine called a  loop pedal, Karley Davidson is able to create the sounds a whole band can make. For Music Monday, Karley joined hosts, Tati Amare and Kim DeGuilio to chat about her debut single, her EP "Untamed", and her upcoming shows.

Karley is performing live on Thursday, September 26th, at Beau's Grillery in Bloomfield Hills, and on Friday, September 27th, at Coyote Joe's in Shelby Township.

Determined to reach as many people as possible with her music, she turned a school bus into a tiny home and traveled the country for six months. This incredibly talented self-taught artist, plays nearly 275 shows a year.  "I am a one woman show, for sure, 100%," said Davidson.

Watch the video above to hear Karley perform her debut single "Trust me". To hear Karley's full EP "Untamed" go on Spotify, Apple music, ITunes or Amazon.