Take a jab at a National Poke Day with Kaku Sushi and Poke in Birmingham

It's the phenomenon that's taking food world by storm

National Poke Day is September 28 and there has been an explosion of poke restaurants all over town. One of those restaurants is Kaku Sushi and Poke in Bloomfield Hills and Birmingham. Owner Kaku Usui joined Tati Amare and Jason Carr to tell us what a poke bowl is and how you can enjoy them. 

Usui said the original poke bowl came from Hawaii. Poke means diced fish and is usually eaten as a main dish. It is a big hit on the west coast, however it is starting to become very trendy across the country, including Michigan. 

The beauty of poke bowls is that you can make your own creation, using fresh fish, vegetables, fruits and sauces. If the thought of making the perfect bowl intimidates you, Usui said the restaurant has some suggested pairings that are sure to appease your taste buds.

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