You'll find cool eats and shopping when you take a tour of Ypsilanti

History, spicy chicken wings and unicorns make Ypsi a must visit town

You might pass this town on the freeway on your way to Ann Arbor, but you should consider slowing down and visiting this historic city. Take a tour of Ypsilanti and discover the cool stores and restaurants you should check out. 

First, a little history lesson. Ypsilanti has been around since 1809 and is named after Demetrios Ypsilantis, a hero in the Greek War of Independence.

Throughout the years, the city has become home to many interesting places, like Materials Unlimited. This store is like a time capsule, with three floors of old school home decor. From light fixtures to doorknobs, you will find something very interesting and very old. Many of the items in Materials Unlimited are decades, even centuries old. 

After shopping, head down the street to grab a delicious bite to eat at either Haab's Restaurant or MaLou's. Haab's offers fresh, home-cooked meals, like the original owners used to make more than 80 years ago. From pulled pork sandwiches to black and bleu steak, when you eat at Haab's, you leave happy and stuffed. Or, if you want to spicy it up a little, MaLou's is known for their hot Nashville style fried chicken. One flavor is so spicy, it will make you speechless, at least it made our Michelle Oliver speechless when she tried it. 

To work off your meal, visit one of the many parks around the city. You can also take the family to the Unicorn Feed and Supply store. It's filled with sparkles and stickers, and you'll have an instant smile as soon as you walk through the door. 

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