Reusable food covers put to the test for Try It Out Tuesday

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It's Try it Out Tuesday and hosts, Jason Carr and Tati Amare are ready to put reusable food covers to the test! 

The first thing Jason and Tati tried were silicon covers. Coming in a variety of sizes, these circular wraps stretch over containers of any shape or size. Once placed on top of desired container, the cover slows down the spoiling process, prevents spills or leaks, and fits like a glove. When put up against a plastic container, metal brownie pan, and even a half sliced watermelon, these silicon covers worked.

The second type of reusable food cover they tried was Beeswax cotton food wraps. Just bawl up the Beeswax, warm it up in your hands, wrap it around cut up fruit or an open container and voilà! Your food stays nice and fresh for twice as long. The Beeswax seemed to hold cut vegetables and fruit well, but it wasn't a secure wrap for a container. 

If you want to try the food covers for yourself, they are available online.