A passion for quilting is spreading love to children

Mitch Albom introduces Jeanne Nicholson in this week's Heart of Detroit

Sometimes a tragedy can lead to something wonderful and that's exactly what happened to one local woman. 

In 2006, Jeanne Nicholson was involved in a catastrophic car accident that nearly took her life and left her in a coma for weeks. Nicholson survived and was able to regain strength after the accident. After a long recovery, Nicholson was able to get back to her passion of quilting. Jeanne had always quilted, but now she quilts to help herself feel alive again and help others.

At one point Nicholson was making quilts so quickly, there weren't enough people to gift them to. With the help of her daughter, Lilli Bishop, and "Brightly Twisted," she was able to use her quilting to help children. Now, Jeanne makes at least 10 blankets per month and donates them to the Children's Hospital of Michigan.

Learn more about Jeanne Nicholson's story in the video.

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