Dominate the cold weather season with these fabulous fur fashions

Bricker Tunis Furs has a huge sale this weekend

This article is sponsored by Bricker Tunis Furs

Want to stay warm during the cold weather season but don’t want to sacrifice style? Arthur Bricker, Owner of Bricker Tunis Furs, and his models, joined Tati Amare to show off some of the newest trends in fur fashion. Featuring bright magenta jackets, sleek cashmere coats, and patchwork dresses made from different textures and colors, Arthur Bricker’s models displayed clothes and accessories that will warm up winter wardrobes with hot new looks. Bricker also makes certain not to leave the men out, offering a wide men’s collection.

For their 103rd anniversary, Bricker Tunis Furs is having a huge sale, and giving away two free tickets to Paris, London or Hawaii to anyone who buys an item during the sale for $3000 or more.

To learn more, visit brickertunisfur.com.