Find the perfect gift made in Michigan at The Artisan Shoppe in Berkley

Visit the homegrown business where you can find unique gifts that are made in Michigan

Berkley – It’s time to start thinking about holiday shopping and we found a homegrown neighborhood shop where you can find unique treasures at reasonable prices. Our Kila Peeples stopped by downtown Berkley at a place that not only supports its hometown, but local artists as well.

The Artisan Shoppe is a little store that has big personality and lots of love for local cities and their artists. It’s right in the heart of downtown Berkley and there is something for any and everyone you might need to grab a gift for. Plus, a majority of the items here are handmade locally; and they make a range of items from ceramics, to clothing and household knick-knacks.

Owner Tracy Thomas opened the shop 10 years ago, originally in Macomb Township, but after her family moved, she opened again in Berkley. There are over a dozen artists who rent space from Tracy’s shop and provide beautiful and unique gifts. You will find the perfect gift at The Artisan Shoppe, whether it’s for your spouse or your dog, there’s something that will make you say, “Oh that’s perfect...”.

The shop also has plenty of gifts that represent the D or the city you live in, and there are a couple of artists who specialize in custom designed items that will have you proudly showing off your hometown. If something is sold out or not available, just ask Tracy and she will help you request the artist to make another one. The shop also offers a Do-It-Yourself class and you can learn how to make it yourself.

If you want to make the perfect gift or household ornament, The Artisan Shoppe is having multiple holiday themed DIY workshops. Check out their Facebook page for more information.

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