Help your holiday budget stay on track with “No Spend November”

GreenPath Financial Wellness can help you manage your money during the holidays

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About 134 million people go into debt during the holiday season. Greenpath Financial Wellness is helping your budget stay on track with “No Spend November” and it’s free!

Host Jason Carr spoke with Kristi Holt, President & CEO of GreenPath Financial Wellness and Dusti Young, Program Manager of GreenPath Financial Wellness about tracking your spending for their program #NoSpendNovember.

GreenPath says to hide those credit cards, pack snacks for the day to avoid spending money dining out, and plan your holiday spending and stick to how much you plan to spend. These steps are essential to managing your money. GreenPath Financial Wellness can help you if your are in debt too.

For more information, visit greenpath.com/nospendnovember

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