Stay at the historic Inn on Ferry Street

A group of 19th century homes make up this chic inn

Looking for a place to stay in the D? This “hotel” offers something you can’t really get anywhere else. The Inn on Ferry Street is perfect for people who have family coming into town, or for a fun stay-cation. It consists of five houses, which were built in the 1800′s, that come together to make a unique and beautiful experience. The name of the inn comes from the Ferry Seed company, which was the first company to sell planting seeds in pre-packaged bags. The houses where occupied by some of Detroit’s wealthiest business owners.

The Inn on Ferry Street offers rooms with private bathrooms, decorated in lush, floral and bright designs. When it comes to the food, the inn strives to use locally-sourced products and there is a sweet treat in every room upon check-in. You get treated to a home-cooked breakfast every morning and the staff is ready to help you with any accommodations you may need during your stay.

If you have a big group of family coming in, you can rent out an entire house so everyone can stay together.

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