Eat good, healthy meals with Fit Bites

Making delicious healthy meals for all types of dietary needs

Not everyone has time to cook or they are trying to find an answer to the eternal question, “what am I going to cook?” Then you throw dietary needs like vegan, gluten free or Keto, it can be tough to make something that’s good for everyone. Kristen Pereira and Jaden Buchanan joined Jason Carr to discuss their homegrown company, Fit Bites .

According to Pereira, Fit Bites are anti-inflammatory, vegan, soy, dairy and refined sugar free. All of the meals are made from scratch with local ingredients. Pereira made a cauliflower baked ziti, which was guten free and Keto friendly. She creates her own recipes by taking traditional comfort foods and making them adjustable to any dietary need. They even make sweet treats that will help soothe your sweet tooth. There is a Fit Bites location in downtown Wyandotte, and a new location will open soon in Southgate. Delivery is now available from downriver to Royal Oak. Fit Bites will soon expand delivery across the Midwest.

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