Make gourmet chocolate at home for the holidays!

This is the perfect gift for anyone this holiday season

This article is sponsored by Grocer’s Daughter.

Grocer’s Daughter Chocolates Co-Owner, DC Hayden showed hosts Tati Amare and Jason Carr how to make chocolate truffles at home.

It starts with making a ganache which is a combination of one part heavy cream and two parts chocolate. Once it is mixed together, the ganache will “set up” and you can then scoop it into small balls of chocolate. Then, you can roll them in any topping. For the show today, Hayden used cocoa powder!

Grocer’s Daughter Chocolates uses local partners to make their tasty, rich chocolate snacks. They also source their own chocolate from Ecuador.

Grocer’s Daughter is located minutes away from Traverse City in Empire, Michigan.

If you can’t make the trip, order their unique chocolates online from grocersdaughter.com.

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