Spreading positivity to the next generation through rap

Kid Jay performs for Music Monday

GF Default - Music Monday with Kid Jay on Live in the D
GF Default - Music Monday with Kid Jay on Live in the D

Music Monday’s guest star was Kid Jay! This talented, 19-year-old rapper does something a little different with his music. Positive and clean rap lyrics!

Hosts Tati Amare and Jason Carr spoke to Kid Jay, his parent, Jason and Sharese Obanner, and Lynwood Powell, from Time Travel Credit Repair, for Music Monday. Kid Jay said he believes he is the voice of the next generation which is what drives his passion for music. Kid Jay’s parents said they believe in his talent and will support him every step of the way. Kid Jay also has a passion for charity specifically working with with children with Autism at Charlie’s Journey in Detroit.

Lynwood Powell from Time Travel Credit Repair is a sponsor for Kid Jay and his positive message for youth. You can find Kid Jay at his next performance at the Little Caesars Arena at pre-show for the Pistons game on November 29th.

Watch this video to learn more.

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