Make wonderful holiday memories at Friendsgiving

Gather your favorite group of friends for a Thanksgiving feast

Thanksgiving is the traditional time we spend with family, but there is a trend that is growing in popularity this time of year and it’s all about your friends. Have you ever heard of “Friendsgiving”, when a group of friends gather to enjoy a Thanksgiving-style dinner. It’s something that metro Detroit residents Jen and LJ Nelson have been doing for almost a decade.

They say this is the way to show their friends how special and important they are in their lives. Jen said this is one of her favorite holiday celebrations and it’s amazing how it’s grown in 8 years. What started out as a small gathering of immediate friends and family, has expanded as the group has grown. LJ said the event is like any other Thanksgiving dinner, everyone brings a dish to pass, share what they are thankful for and enjoy a delicious dinner.

Watch the video above to see how Jen and LJ’s Friendsgiving has grown over the years!

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