Unique gifts that will blow you away

Epiphany Glass specializes in hand blown glass creations

This local business will blow you away!

Jason Carr spoke to April Wagner, the owner of Epiphany Glass, about her one-of-a-kind creations.

Each piece is handmade and can be a great unique gift for the holidays. There are a variety of price points for the items with some starting as low as $10. You can also have a custom piece created.

Epiphany glass will be open Saturday, November 30th for Small Business Saturday. They also have a holiday event the first week of December where you can buy pieces for 15% off.

Epiphany Glass also has a partnership with the Michigan Humane Society so if you purchase an animal-themed piece some of the proceeds will go towards the the Michigan Humane Society.

Watch the video to see some amazing creations by Epiphany Glass.

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