Shopping at Eastern Market for the holidays

Holiday Markets are a special time of the year in the district

Live in the D’s, Kila Peeples went to the Eastern Market to find tasty ingredients you can add to your Thanksgiving meal.

One vendor Kila found was High 5 Salts. High 5 has five different types of salt that touch on five of your senses. Each salt can be used for a different product like meat or pasta, but they all have great flavor without the extra sodium. The owner of High Five, Laura Romito, showed how to cook spaghetti squash using her product for extra flavoring.

Kila also met with Dan Bucu of Bucu farms who offers fresh turkeys, sausage and a Turducken. So what’s a Turducken? It’s a chicken inside of a duck, inside of a turkey and it’s boneless!

Watch this video to see some of the food being offered at the Eastern Market.

For more information on their Holiday Markets visit easternmarket.org

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