Live a carefree retirement lifestyle at Waltonwood

GF Default - Waltonwood on Live in the D
GF Default - Waltonwood on Live in the D

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Many people view retirement as the time to enjoy a carefree lifestyle. Waltonwood makes this possible by offering various kinds of special amenities including amazing food!

Tati Amare was joined by Kara Terreault-Triplett, the Culinary Service Manager, and Lindsay Charlefour, Director of Life Enrichment, who spoke about the culture at Waltonwood. They also showcased how their culinary service is raising the bar for what is being served at a retirement community.

Charlefour said Waltonwood is a family-fun social culture. They offer enrichment programs such as travel, fitness, and educational seminars.

Waltonwood is hosting their “Home for the Holidays” event which is an open house on December 4th. They will highlight the beauty of the seven Waltonwood locations and show why many people call it home.

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Watch the video for a look at some of the amazing food served at Waltonwood.

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