Double your fun after hours in Ann Arbor

The“last word” you’ll have after checking out these places will be awesome

Ann Arbor – Ann Arbor often is in the top ten “best city” lists for different reasons, and there’s no surprise why with all of the restaurants, bars and entertainment available. But, not all the fun is at University of Michigan, lots of cool activities can be found all around the town. Kila Peeples found a couple of places in A-squared that you can enjoy after hours, and as a MSU fan that is saying a lot! The two places are different, but both hit all the requirements for fun.

The Bar on 327 Braun Court is in the heart of Kerrytown and is your typical hole-in-the-wall bar. It offers top notch drinks in a comfortable setting. The bar is in a 100-year-old house that dairy farmers used to call home. You can order classic drinks like a Manhattan or get a delicious spin on a white Russian. There’s even a cocktail called the Lionel Richie; you will be drinking all night long. There’s also a small menu with big flavors, including a fried chicken sandwich and award-winning chicken wings.

The Last Word is a speakeasy kind of bar that has a laid back setting that’s perfect if you want to impress that special someone. There are walls stacked with any and every kind of spirits you can think off and the menu of cocktails is so big, it has its own book. The Last Word also has an eclectic but delightful menu where you can order anything from a salad to main dish featuring their French fries which have been named best fries in Washtenaw County.

If you’re heading to Ann Arbor for a game or a night out, The Last Word or The Bar on 327 Braun Court will have even a State fan singing Hail to the Victors.

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