Need ideas for what to do over holiday break with the kids?

These activities are for family members of all ages

Wondering what to do with the kids to get the most out of the holidays around town? Wonder no more because Kerry Doman with littleguidedetroit.com stopped by Live In The D with some great ideas. From a Healthy Roots doll (complete with hair care items to teach proper hair care) to going to a museum to handmade art and crafts, there are plenty of activities to do as a family during a holiday vacation.

Board games are also a wonderful way to beat the holiday boredom, enjoy a game of Monopoly or break out the chess board and play a few rounds. Educational games and toys can prevent not just boredom, but also the brain drain that can occur during the holidays. Books and STEAM-inspired games should not just be played over your holiday break, but they should be a way to have fun all year round.

Check out the video to see all of the fantastic fun ideas.

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