Unique gifts to bring people and nature together

Wild Birds Unlimited will feed the bird lover in you

Bird lover gifts on Live in the D
Bird lover gifts on Live in the D

This article is sponsored by Wild Birds Unlimited.

Bird Watching is a fun, relaxing activity that everyone can enjoy!

Host Jason Carr talked to Rosann Kovalcik about Wild Birds Unlimited and how their stores can help with last-minute gifts.

Wild Birds Unlimited has over 300 stores in the United States and Canada, with 9 locations in the Metro Detroit area, including Ann Arbor. When you walk into a Wild Birds Unlimited store you will see everything you can use to feed the birds in your yard.

The CEO of Wild Birds Unlimited, Jim Carpenter, wrote a book that talks about the different types of feeders and different pictures of birds to help you learn more about your winged visitors.

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