Can kids open presents without their parents?

What’s the Buzz panel discusses family traditions when it comes to gifts

This week’s What’s the Buzz was all about gifts for the holidays. Whether you wrap them with beautiful paper and bows, or stick it in a bag and say, “Here you go!”, gifts can be a major part of a holiday celebration. RiDetroit’s Jason Hall and Mary Liz Curtin, owner of Leon and Lulu and Three Cats Cafe in Clawson, joined Tati Amare to discuss their opinions on gift giving.

First, the panel was asked if they open gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Mary Liz said her family opened gifts on Christmas Day, except if there were pajamas that can be worn for picture purposes on Christmas Eve. Jason said he opens gifts as soon as he receives them.

Next question also caused a stir, when asked if gifts should be wrapped or not wrapped at all, Jason is anti-wrapping. He says why go through all of the trouble when the bag the gift came is good enough. Mary Liz strongly disagreed and showed various ways you can wrap presents without using traditional paper, like using a scarf or a paper bag.

The topic that everyone on Live in the D’s Facebook was talking about was whether kids should wait for their parents before opening up gifts or not. Jason and Mary Liz, like many viewers, agreed children should wait for Mom and Dad before opening any gifts. However, as Kila Peeples read from the post, there were a few people out there who said it was okay to open on their own, but just recycle the paper. Lastly, do you give your kids the same number of gifts or spend the same dollar amount? Mary Liz said each child should have the same amount. Never show favoritism.

What do you think?

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