Here’s what you need to do with your gift this season

Gift wrapping professional from Write Impressions will teach you how to wrap the perfect present

Wrapping gifts with Kila Peeples and Write Impressions on Live in the D
Wrapping gifts with Kila Peeples and Write Impressions on Live in the D

If you haven’t already, it’s time to find all of the scotch tape you can and start wrapping your gifts. Some of you may be awesome at it, and some may need a little help. Live in the D’s Kila Peeples, who needed a holiday gift wrapping miracle, stopped by Write Impressions in Royal Oak to learn how to make her presents presentable. Laura Eckert is normally the store’s graphic designer, but during the holidays, she’s a gift wrapping master.

Eckert says there are plenty of people who don’t know how to wrap gifts. The store sees an influx of people coming in and requesting her services every year. She says gift wrapping may seem like it’s a large chore, but once you know the basics, it’s a piece of cake. Eckert says the key to perfectly wrapping your presents is to correctly measure your paper to the box the gift is in. If the gift is a toy or in an oddly shaped package, put it in a box to make it into a pretty present. She also taught Kila how to wrap ribbon around the box for a picture perfect present.

Watch the video above for all of her helpful hints to wrapping the prettiest presents!

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