Fly high like an acrobat at The Aviary

Soar through the air while getting in shape

Ready to join the circus? Or maybe you just want to learn some fun stunts. Check out The Aviary in Ann Arbor.

Kila Peeples visited The Aviary to learn how to be an acrobat that glides high above the crowd.

Ann Ryan, the owner of The Aviary, started her aerial and trapeze experience at the Flyhouse in Detroit. Now, she has brought her skills to Ann Arbor.

The Aviary offers classes in aerial and circus arts, aerial silks or slings, aerial hoops, static and dance trapeze.

You don’t have to be super fit or flexible. You just need confidence and a little help from The Aviary!

Watch the video to see Kila Peeples’s experience at The Aviary.

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