Here’s a quick plant-based meal for Veganuary

Vegan meals to help you with the new trend this month

A new trend for January is “Veganuary”! Try a vegan lifestyle to start off the new year.

Host Tati Amare chopped it up with Chef Que Broden to learn how to make vegan meals!

Many people refrain from plant-based meals because they believe it will take too much time or it won’t taste the same, but Chef Que has quick and tasty vegan recipes.

Chef Que showed Live in the D viewer’s how to make vegan stuffed shells with green beans. The chef says it’s important to use fresh ingredients. She added that when you read the ingredients label make sure nothing is on there that has a mama!

The Kitchen by Cooking with Que hosts classes that teach you how to cook easy, healthy plant-based meals. She also has podcasts, videos, and recipes on her the Cooking with Que website.

Watch the video to learn more.

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