3 Meatless meats you should try!

We do a taste test for Try It Out Tuesday

“Veganuary” is a trend this year as people try to give up meat and opt for a plant-based diet. So if you are giving up meat and trying to go vegan or vegetarian, you may be wondering which fake meats are the tastiest. Well, resident foodie, Michelle Oliver, has a few options for you to try. Her thought is, you are never going to get a fake steak as good as the real thing, but the more processed the real meat is, the better the dupe. Here are three options that don’t taste exactly like the real thing, but they are pretty darn delicious.

1) Quorn Meatless Breakfast Patties - These round breakfast patties are really well seasoned and are a great meatless alternative for your morning breakfast sausage. They are less greasy than their meaty alternatives, but they have a similar texture. Michelle recommends you cook them on the stove top in a skillet with a little olive oil. Since they are frozen, use medium-low heat and cover them so they cook more evenly, and flip frequently. This alternative contains eggs and milk, so is just vegetarian.

2) Lightlife Smart Dogs - These veggie dogs do a decent job of mimicking their meaty counterparts. Use Tati’s hack for cooking them by cutting them in half and sautée them in some olive oil to get a few char marks. This makes a quick and easy meal for vegans.

3) Quorn Meatless Nuggets - If you’re craving chicken nuggets and you are trying to go meatless, this may be the option for you! Definitely use the directions on the box for baking them so they get nice and crispy on the outside. Serve with whatever dipping sauce you like. Keep in mind these nuggets contain milk and eggs and are not vegan.

Have you tried meatless meats? Which ones do you like?

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