A radical new way to dip

Radical Plants brings to life vegan dips for a healthy way to snack

Live in the D – Some people think being vegan means you can’t indulge.

Host Tati Amare and Jason Carr discussed a radical way to eat healthy dips with Melissa Heath, Owner of Radical Plants.

As a vegan, Heath got tired of healthy foods that didn’t taste good or if it did taste good the ingredients would be awful. She led Tati and Jason on a tour of her Super Dip varieties: Basil Alfredo, Better Than Ranch and Chipotle Lime. All are gluten-free, sugar-free and guilt-free. Heath hopes her soy based Super Dip changes the way people view soy based products and embrace all the healthy choices it has to offer.

The versatile Super Dip isn’t just for dipping. You can combine them in salads, spreads, etc. Super Dip is zero points on WW programs (formerly known as Weight Watchers) allowing you to enjoy flavor without sacrifice.

Radical plants on Live in the D
Radical plants on Live in the D